Victor Menasce is a developer with projects in multiple cities. He also hosts the daily Real Estate Espresso podcast. In this episode, Victor shares h...View Details

Tyler Chesser is an experienced multifamily real estate investor, in an active and passive capacity, and has witnessed firsthand the successes and fai...View Details

Trevor McGregor is the Founder of Trevor McGregor International and is a Master Platinum Coach and Business Mentor who has done well over 25,000 coach...View Details

You could be imagining all sorts of reactions they would have the moment you start talking about real estate investing with them. Fear of family and f...View Details

Sam Bates has been directly involved in the acquisition, development/rehabilitation, operations, disposition, and asset management of over $100,000 in...View Details

Are you still doing that cold-calling, selling, and pitching like what most salesmen do?  How about having a pleasant grown-up conversation where you’...View Details

Gabe Petersen is the host of the internationally ranked real estate podcast, The Real Estate Investing Club, and mobile home and RV park investor base...View Details

Do you want to know the burning questions prospects ask during investor presentations, so you get prepared how to answer them yourself?  Or do you hav...View Details

Kyle Mitchell is a real estate entrepreneur who focuses on Multifamily Syndication and currently has $41MM AUM. He is the Managing Partner and Co-Foun...View Details

Scott Choppin is the CEO and Founder of The Urban Pacific Group of Companies, a Long Beach, CA-based real estate development company, founded in 2000,...View Details

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