Find out how you can get started in real estate even with very little capital, discover the type of real estate investment that goes well with the lifestyle you want to enjoy, and learn about the marketing strategies Cortney has in place to find good deals.




Cortney Jones has been creatively investing in real estate since 1992 and coaching people to the next level since 2005. As a creative investor, broker/owner, and coach, Cortney has seen it all and lived to tell about it.

In this episode, Cortney shares the investment strategies and non-traditional marketing techniques she has in place that have allowed her to last decades in the real estate industry even though she started with very little capital – but still finding good deals that have allowed her to create the lifestyle that she wanted. 

Topics Covered: 

01:42 – How did her career in real estate starts 

03:11 – What her first 10 years in real estate look like 

05:09 – What prompted her to go full time in real estate 

07:28 – Investment strategies that keep income pouring in 

09:29 – Her primary investment strategy at this time 

11:07 – Her advice for newbies 

14:29 – How to get started in real estate when you don’t have enough money to start out 

Key Takeaways: 

“I would say that the number one thing in today’s market I would recommend is driving for dollars, especially knowing that most people that come in don’t have a lot of money. Almost every market across the country right now is super hot.” – Cortney Jones 

“Thinking outside of the box and looking at ways to find those people, like at pawn shops as an example, or through car mechanics and things like that, to just network with those types of people to say, ‘Hey, if you run into somebody that’s in a financial situation, just so you know, we can help them out,’ and give them your card. Doing those sorts of extraordinary extra different things rather than the same old that everybody else is doing is going to help.” – Cortney Jones 

“I can’t tell you how many times a day I hear somebody say, ‘I’ve done everything and I’m not getting any calls.’ And I’ll get drilled down on it, and they’ve called like nine people and got nine no’s. And I’m like, dude, you got to get like a hundred of those, I mean, nine no’s is nothing. I get that before breakfast, you know. I think that they just think it’s going to be a matter of picking up a couple of phone calls and they’re going to get a deal, and that’s not it. I mean, you’ve got to grind.” – Cortney Jones 

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