Want to find out how can you turn your LinkedIn posts into potential clients and increase your engagement, and raise your capital at the same time? Li...View Details

Why call everybody, telling them what you’re doing and asking if they want to invest with you, when you can magnify your strength in connecting and at...View Details

People here and there are freaking out these days, saying housing is so expensive nowadays. Well yes, they’re right, if we compare it with how things ...View Details

Why focus so much on your weakness when you can give light to your strengths and take advantage of them in your life and in your career? That’s what t...View Details

Have you ever thought of setting up your own fund as you do real estate investing? Do you have people who would love to invest alongside you but you d...View Details

What’s one thing that’s stopping you from scaling your portfolio today? Do you find it hard partnering with people and actually trusting them to get o...View Details

Before things get out of hand, you need to prepare. And when you're in the real estate business, you've got properties and people to look out for, not...View Details

Have you ever thought about the must-have qualities of the people you’d be business partners with when it comes to real estate investing? Do you have ...View Details

If networking and meeting many people as part of your work makes you nervous, in a way, and drains your energy, you must be an introvert. But you're n...View Details

Have you ever wondered what the best ways are to grow and expand your network? Do you want to be the person in front of the crowd and make yourself an...View Details

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