Thomas Castelli has his area of focus in Tax Planning Real Estate, and he owns an 82-unit apartment building. He got his education in BS in Accounting...View Details

Marc Bushee epitomizes integrity, hard work, energy, and creative problem-solving in every detail of his Real Estate transactions. Marc was born and r...View Details

Christy Duckett is an Award Winning Real Estate Coach and 10+ years of investing in real estate located in Columbia, Southern Carolina. Experienced in...View Details

Zach Weaver is currently the President of Great Lakes Real Estate Investors Association, LLC, a privately held firm headquartered in Independence, Ohi...View Details

What you will learn from today's episode:   Find out an investment strategy that can weather down any economic or market downturns Learn about what ec...View Details

Jonathan Farber achieved financial freedom at 27. He left his corporate enterprise technology sales job to focus on traditional rentals, short-term re...View Details

George Grombacher is the president of Money Alignment Academy and the host of the Lifeblood podcast. He's working to help people get better at money s...View Details

Have you heard about rental cottages and how it's creating a buzz in the real estate business? Are you interested to know how to go about these invest...View Details

Mandy Branham is an inspired investor with a global vision to impact housing in the world. She's passionate about changing the trajectory of every per...View Details

Olatokunbo Oni is the Founder and Executive Director of Chesterfield Real Estate Investors Association – a premier real estate investment club in Ches...View Details

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