Find out the concrete steps Jamie and Leslie took to skyrocket their real estate business in so short a time, learn about the investment strategy they focus on which help them live the lifestyle they want, and discover how their son bought his first property (a 5 plex) at just 14 years old!




Today it’s my pleasure to interview a couple that I’ve had the pleasure of working with personally – Jamie and Leslie Collard.  When we first met, they had 2 properties and three doors – and over the past 3 years, these two rock-stars have created a portfolio of 73 doors and counting with big things to come! Their focus is on commercial multifamily properties and creative JV’s which create long-term wealth.

In this episode, join this power couple, Jamie and Leslie, as they share their journey from struggling to raise capital to completely scaling up their real estate business into what it is today. Get lessons on how to build a strong foundation on which to start your real estate career.

Topics Covered: 

01:29 – What paved the way to real estate for them 

02:31 – Concrete steps they did to focus more on real estate 

03:56 – What their portfolio looks like now 

05:08 – The challenges they face along the way which we can all learn from 

07:14 – What action steps did they do to make a turning point and exploded their real estate business big time 

08:44 – What lifestyle are they creating for themselves right now to meet their goals 

13:20 – That Caribbean lifestyle dream project 

15:10 – How are things working for them as a couple in real estate 

17:14 – How his son joined in the bandwagon and bought his property at the age of 14 

19:11 – Advice for those deciding to focus on real estate 

Key Takeaways: 

“For our risk tolerance and our lifestyle, we love apartment buildings. We love commercial real estate in general.” – Jamie and Leslie Collard 

“It was a very important step for us to start small and work our way to the bigger stuff because you learn so much doing the smaller ones, duplexes, triplexes. It really set us up to when we jumped into our biggest unit which is a 22 unit building currently. – Jamie and Leslie Collard 

“We did not surround ourselves with like-minded people. And it was almost like we flipped the switch about a year and a half ago when we decided that to meet our goals, we have to change. So, we started to really focus on building our portfolio and getting out there and learning from people.” – Jamie and Leslie Collard 

“Real estate meetups and networking events and stuff like that, they just exploded our portfolio.” – Jamie and Leslie Collard 

“We wrote our goals down. It sounds, it sounds so basic, and we did vision boards. Like just everything that we thought was our 10-year plan happened within six to 18 months.” – Jamie and Leslie Collard 

“Our team is really made up of family members, everybody says don’t work with your family. I won’t work with anybody but our family at this point.” – Jamie and Leslie Collard 

“One advice we can give, I think for us it is just, have confidence in yourself. We wish we would have had more confidence in ourselves from the beginning and ask for help.” – Jamie and Leslie Collard 

“We love mentors, get a mentor. We have mentors in so many different real estate and business areas that, at least mentors become our friends and once they become your friends, then there’s just no end to learning from these people.”  – Jamie and Leslie Collard 

“Just have confidence in yourself. Ask for help. Don’t feel like you are asking stupid questions. Trust me, Jamie and I asked every question out there, and I’m glad we did.” – Jamie and Leslie Collard 

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