Trevor McGregor is the Founder of Trevor McGregor International and is a Master Platinum Coach and Business Mentor who has done well over 25,000 coaching sessions with people from all walks of life. He’s worked with Fortune 500 Executives, High-level Real Estate Investors, Entrepreneurs, Doctors, Attorneys, World-Class Athletes, and even Olympians. He has transformed the lives of countless clients, inspiring them both personally and professionally to break through barriers to being their best, taking action, and living life on their terms. 

Prior to starting his own coaching practice, Trevor was a Master Platinum Coach with the Anthony Robbins Group, offering elite coaching unlike any other program in the world. Trevor is also a high-level 7-Figure Business Owner, Multi-Family Real Estate Investor, International Keynote Speaker, and a Global Impact Investor, as well. People from all over the world seek out Trevor for one reason and one reason only: Life-Changing Transformation. His Guidance, support, and mentorship have helped several of his clients cross the 7, 8, and 9-figure business mark and move them towards what he calls: “The 5 Foundational Freedoms.” 

In this episode, Trevor talks about the two most important factors you need to have to move your real estate empire into leaps and bounds you can imagine. He shares his upcoming masterclass that helps you get certainty, clarity, and confidence to make intelligent and inspired action. 

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What you’ll learn in just 17 minutes from today’s episode:

  • Discover the four important things that, no matter what’s keeping you stuck, that you’ve got to check in with to absolutely catapult you to success in your real estate business beyond the challenges
  • Find out a peak performance mindset Trevor shares that will help step you out of your comfort zone and power you up to real estate success
  • Learn how to overcome those self-limiting beliefs that get in the way and empower yourself to be where you truly want to be in your real estate business


Topics Covered: 

01:16 – Trevor’s interesting backstory before he found real estate and a coaching career 

05:08 – Self-limiting beliefs that pull people back from pursuing their goals and how to overcome them 

08:24 – Talking about the four important things that will help propel you to success which all start with the letter S 

18:24 – Trevor talking about his upcoming masterclass you would not miss called: Elevate your Real Estate Game 

Key Takeaways: 

“There are only two things you need to be successful in real estate. One is to have that peak performance mindset. The other one is to model best practices.” – Trevor McGregor 

“You can’t have a day without night; you can’t have black without white, you can’t have the North Pole without the South Pole. Therefore, you can’t have a deal that’s hard to find, without there being a deal that you can find, but you have to take intelligent inspired action.” – Trevor McGregor 

“Every problem is a problem of perspective.”- Trevor McGregor 

“If you’re always thinking about what you don’t want, trust me, you’re going to attract exactly what you give your focus to. So, we want to get you to focus on what you do want, and then you have to go out there and take intelligent and inspired action towards it.”- Trevor McGregor 

“Your story is your identity. It’s really, you’re either a victim, or you’re choosing to be a victor.”- Trevor McGregor 

“Once you align your state, which is your focus, your story, which is your identity, then you’ve got a strategy to execute on, you’re getting really, really close to being able to unleash your real estate power.”- Trevor McGregor 

“I can tell the quality of somebody’s results as an investor, by the standards they hold themselves to.”- Trevor McGregor 

“Here’s the difference. The people that are interested in real estate success will do what’s convenient. Whereas the people that are committed to real estate success, they’ll do whatever it takes.”- Trevor McGregor 

“How hungry are you for real estate success? And number two, how passionate are you? Because I’m telling you, where there’s passion, not only is there purpose but there’s profit waiting for you on the other side of it.” – Trevor McGregor 

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