Discover what investment strategies Sadhana uses that bring in the cash flow, find out Sadhana’s first real estate venture strategy that had her finding deals one after the other, and paid for her sons’ very expensive medical school tuition, and how Sadhana manages properties from a distance.




Sadhana Sabharwal is a single mom who became a real estate millionaire by investing in properties with no money or very little money of her own. Sadhana is a full-time law clerk and part-time real estate investor who has bought and sold over 30 properties and still holds some that produce positive cash flow. She is a bestselling author, speaker, and coach. 

In this episode, Sadhana shares her interesting story of being a single mom who went the route of real estate to provide for her three sons and become very successful at it, even to this day. Mind you, she is working full time in an office and still doing real estate at the same time. She’s done several different strategies which are providing her with a steady source of income and have allowed her to create financial freedom and options – so continuing with her day job is now her choice, NOT an obligation. 

Topics Covered: 

01:31 – What led her to real estate 

03:00 – How she learned about second mortgages 

04:07 – How did she start buying properties and the main reason for engaging in real estate 

09:41 – How did she raise funds in doing her first deal 

09:49 – What investment strategies are giving her steady income 

11:55 – What does she do when it comes to finding joint partners 

13:16 – Where are her properties located 

14:00 – How does she manage properties that are far away 

15:32 – How does she find a good property management 

16:24 – Her coaching hustle 

Key Takeaways: 

“The very first house that I bought was for $5,000 and I bought it on a tax sale, and I still own that house. I’ve fixed it up and it rents for almost $800 a month. I’ve done joint ventures. It was an eight-unit building and a duplex where I got the vendor to give me the money for the down payment and for the closing costs.” – Sadhana Sabharwal  

“These smaller properties I have, I get higher monthly cash flow and they’re just sitting there. I don’t care if they don’t grow, it’s just giving me money. If I wanted to retire, I can retire right now with the cash flow, like I am financially free. I get enough money for my expenses from my real estate dealings.” – Sadhana Sabharwal 

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