Zach Weaver is currently the President of Great Lakes Real Estate Investors Association, LLC, a privately held firm headquartered in Independence, Ohio… just a short commute from downtown Cleveland. The company was founded in 2011 with the belief that through Knowledge, Action, and Networking, Real Estate Investors in Northeast Ohio can attain greater levels of success. Additionally, we believe strongly that there is strength in numbers. Through coordinated efforts, they make a positive impact on Real Estate Investment activities in Ohio and across the nation.


They bring together business-minded Real Estate Investing professionals who meet regularly to share information, leads & contacts, and help one another further their realty investing career. Together, they create and deliver a roadmap to success.


Great Lakes REIA is not your typical association. Talented, driven, principled and success-oriented people passionate about this business have come together simply because they are motivated to help others achieve their highest levels of success. Whether working with investors new to the business or seasoned professionals, their members start seeing the benefits of this organization immediately. They believe that there is no substitute for hard work.


In this episode, Zach talks about everything about Great Lakes REIA -- what it stands for, the enormous benefits you get out of being a part of the organization, and the support it provides its members, so you become successful in the real estate space you choose to be in.




What you'll learn in just 17 minutes from today's episode:


  • Find out the primary focus Great Lakes REIA is investing in and the kind of support they provide for their members
  • Discover the big benefits of being an active member versus just a passive one with associations like REIA
  • Learn about one Great Lakes member success story, so you get inspired and take action even when starting from zero

Key Takeaways:


"Until someone's taught you, the cities aren't going to sit there and teach you all the ins and outs of their processes. That's what the REIA really has done -- it teaches us how to be successful in the environment that we're in." - Zach Weaver


"You need the education to be an engineer or a doctor or lawyer. The same is true in real estate. To be able to be successful here, you need an education. The sophisticated investor has a leg up on everybody else. They know the ins and outs, which can save them money, and the REIA really provides that, whether through the education side or the networking. I can't tell you how much money I've saved through the networking within our organization." - Zach Weaver


"When you join the REIA, all the contractors are members. You got your whole team there. When you join, you've got real estate agents in there. You've got accountants, you've got lawyers, and you got contractors, so a lot of that stuff's there. "- Zach Weaver


"The networking, it's huge. You go there to get the education at some point, you've kind of gotten all that education, and now you're transitioning more to the networking side of the people you meet, and deals just flow from knowing people that are in the business and that are doing deals and the more you're participating, you're active, you're seen as a leader." - Zach Weaver


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