Find out about an investment strategy that brings profit with low/no money down payment, learn about how to get deals falling into your lap without having to follow the shiny ball syndrome, and discover how increasing value results to increased ROI.



Wayne Hillier has been investing in real estate since 2013 in the Edmonton, Alberta Market. He is focusing on buy and hold and creative real estate strategies including Rent to Own and Agreement for Sales. He’s also the host of the Real Estate Investor Dad Podcast. 

In this episode, Wayne shares about where his primary focus is in real estate and how he earns profit from it, and how he manages risk as well. He’ll let you in on how he, in his own words, has deals ‘fall in his lap’, not to mention how he leads a balanced work-life with his family despite being busy in real estate. 

Topics Covered: 

01:18 – What is an ‘agreement for sale’ all about and how does it exactly work 

02:13 – Why do sellers’ resort to ‘agreement for sale’ 

03:37 – What happens to the seller’s mortgage with an ‘agreement for sale’ 

04:29 – How to make sure mortgage is being paid by the seller in an ‘agreement for sale’ 

06:24 – How he got started in real estate 

08:30 – What is his philosophy about real estate investing 

10:31 – What is BRRRR strategy 

11:45 – How does he find good deals 

13:45 – What does a work-life balance look like for him 

Key Takeaways: 

“With ‘Agreement for Sale’ we get all the benefits of the mortgage we paid them. We get all the benefits of appreciation, cash flow, everything. It’s almost like a delayed title transfer. They’re going to keep it in their name but we get all the benefits from the property.” – Wayne Hillier 

“The perfect BRRRR is getting all of your investment and all of your renovation money out. It dramatically increases your ROI so you can recycle your money continuously and repeat the process over and over and over again.” – Wayne Hillier 

“It’s best practice to focus on one thing and not to follow the shiny ball syndrome or the shiny items in them.” – Wayne Hillier 

If someone says, ‘I’ve got this rental property’, ‘I can’t do anything with it’, or ‘I’ve got this house that needs a little bit of work’ – I proposed to them what I think would be the best outcome for them as well as for me. And we make it happen.” – Wayne Hillier 

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