Discover about how you can get started in real estate with less capital with a mobile home instead of a regular house, find out why mobile homes have more advantages than what critics say about it, and learn about the different strategies you can use in going about in getting into individual mobile homes.




John Fedro has been actively investing in individual mobile homes since 2002. He is now also investing in mobile home parks. Additionally, he’s been assisting other mobile home investors since 2006. 

In this episode, learn about how you can leverage individual mobile homes when you are just starting out in real estate. 

Topics Covered:  

01:55 – What is the benefit in looking at mobile homes as an investment class when you are just starting out in real estate 

03:32 -What is the best way to go with individual mobile home 

05:16 – What strategy he used with the individual mobile home when he started out in real estate 

06:37 – How does he get around with negative criticisms about individual mobile homes 

10:31 – Walking us through how a deal looks like in an individual mobile home and how you get money on it over time 

14:20 – How much are they paying for mobile homes that they buy and how much profit do they get 

17:04 – With the whole COVID thing, how does he see opportunities in individual mobile homes these days 

Key Takeaways:  

“With an individual mobile home, you can have less money, you do need time and you don’t need that much credit. We’re not borrowing money from banks, typically.” – John Fedro 

“I love selling homes on payments. Now, it’s usually what I do.” – John Fedro 

“We don’t always fix it up to the nines, but there’s a lot of people that will want to be in these homes. And as investors, we can take advantage of people or we can sell good homes to good people and set people up for success.” – John Fedro 

“With the money that they’re putting down, you’re getting all your money back. And then setting up an income stream moving forward.” – John Fedro 

“We’re getting good deals now. But I don’t think we’re going to get better deals. I just don’t think that there’s going to be more opportunities. We have to act quicker. There are still be buyers, especially on payments, but I’m curious to see as well in three, six months, 12 months.” – John Fedro 

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