Learn about why you need to have the right mindset to last in real estate, find out why multifamily investing is a good strategy to start with real estate, and discover about the mind-body connection exercise to help you function BEST.




Kory MacKinnon is a former national level athlete and corporate executive who was able to retire from the rat race in 7 years with real estate. Kory is known as the mindset coach who teaches people to get that straight first before scaling up their real estate portfolios.

In this episode, Kory, aside from sharing what he loves about multifamily investing, emphasized the thoughts, habits, and beliefs that are just as important as the nuts and bolts when it comes to building a real estate portfolio that can weather any storm. 

Topics Covered: 

01:20 – Just as in Sports, how does he focus on real estate 

02:15 – What is having a good mindset mean to him 

04:12 – How to find your “Why” 

05:59 – What led him to real estate investing 

08:01 – Sharing his Sports background and the interesting facts about being a national level athlete 

10:11 – What is his real estate investment strategy and what does he love about it 

11:21 – What are some mistakes newbie real estate investors fall into 

12:50 – What is the best thing about him that is advantageous in his real estate business 

14:42 – Some of the mindset challenges people are experiencing these days 

17:05 – Sharing his thoughts about the mind-body connection 

Key Takeaways: 

“I think a proper mindset is really important everywhere. It’s not easy, this is a team sport, and being a real estate investor, it’s just a different form of excellence.” – Kory MacKinnon 

“You have to make sure that you’re prepared, and you need to have that ‘Why,’ that’s because when you have your why and when that’s really clear, then you’re being pulled in instead of having to push yourself.” – Kory MacKinnon 

“I find it’s very important in life to know why you’re here on earth and what your mission is. If you’re clear on your mission, that’s when the passion can flow.” – Kory MacKinnon 

“I’ve dabbled in the stock market, too. I just don’t like that there’s not as much control there as when I buy a piece of real estate, there’s an upmarket, down-market, sideways market and still have a huge amount of influence on the value and the sale price of that asset.” – Kory MacKinnon 

“I love multifamily because it’s more like a business. You can actually change that business. It’s valued by the banks based on the rent roll and the expenses. I like that you have a little more control here.” – Kory MacKinnon 

“People get analysis-paralysis and they just sit on the sidelines way too long. You can’t learn a sport by sitting on the sidelines, either reading a book or watching YouTube, like, you got to get out there and play the game on the field.”  – Kory MacKinnon  

“You have to realize that you can’t do this all yourself. And it’s the people that try to be a lone wolf, they typically end up dying on their own sword.” – Kory MacKinnon 

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