Mandy Branham is an inspired investor with a global vision to impact housing in the world. She's passionate about changing the trajectory of every person’s financial future with real estate as the vehicle for generational legacy. Mandy is the recipient of REIN Canada's 2019 JV of the Year showcasing the emphasis she has on Value-Based Partnerships as a mode of constantly expanding her business on all levels. 

In this episode, Brandy shares what makes her tick as a JV queen that we can all learn from so we can have joint venture partners one after another with them looking after us rather than the other way around.  

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What you'll learn in just 17 minutes from today's episode: 

  • Discover tips in getting joint venture partners that reach out to you rather than you going after them 
  • Learn the important things to know in the Joint Venture agreement so that expectations are met, roles and responsibilities are clearly stated and agreed upon
  • Find out which avenues to go to so you find opportunities for your joint partnerships 


Topics Covered: 

  • 00:37 - How she got the title as the JV queen 
  • 04:40 - Making people reach out to her for joint venture deals 
  • 06:15 - Options you have to be able to buy the deals you want  
  • 07:11 - Why show up in real estate investment clubs 
  • 09:24 - How to let people know what you’re good at 
  • 10:53 - Mistakes committed when doing joint ventures and joint venture agreement 
  • 13:50 - What her JVs look like  
  • 15:21 - Important things to keep in mind in JV agreements 
  • 18:34 - Valuing transparency 
  • 20:40 - Minimum maintenance reserve fund to be maintained 
  • 23:16 - Talking about ‘escape clause’ in the JV agreement 

Key Takeaways: 

Tip number one, in the joint venture world, it doesn't just happen when you talk to one person, you get one joint venture, you have to talk to 10 to get one, so we were talking to a lot of people. We had a lot of those people fizzle away. But we started to attract a lot of people that did like the conversations that we were having and did like the people that we were becoming.” - Mandy Branham 

 “I started to fish in a pond that I knew was fish. I was going to networking groups. So in this time of virtual and digital networking, I want you to go where there are other like-minded investors.  I want you to be going to like-minded sites with people who are talking, thinking about investing.” - Mandy Branham 

“It started out with a deal that had to be so good that I was willing to put my own name on it. And so people kind of got that confidence level of ‘Well, if Mandy's willing to put her money on it, then I'm willing to put my money on a deal that I know.” - Mandy Branham 

How we hold the asset in the joint venture is one of the important factors that people need to understand. Another thing to really understand is the exit strategy for the joint venture to be able to go in and that's identified in the joint venture agreement, this is a five-year buy and hold. This is a three-year flip, or this is a three-year buy-and-hold. And so nobody is shocked and shaken when five years comes up.” - Mandy Branham 

“The other thing really, really, really big in a joint venture agreement is to identify very clearly, whose roles and responsibilities are.” - Mandy Branham 

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