Marc Bushee epitomizes integrity, hard work, energy, and creative problem-solving in every detail of his Real Estate transactions. Marc was born and raised in the Fargo/Moorhead area. Starting his real estate career in 2009, he has built a successful business working with buyers, sellers, land development, new construction, and investors.


In this episode, Marc shares how he got started in real estate by diving into it with both feet. He found ways to get close and obtain as much knowledge and expertise from the experts in the real estate industry and build his portfolio by starting with flipping and now shifting to what he currently focuses on -- storage facilities.


What you'll learn in just 17 minutes from today's episode:

  • Find out an investment portfolio that works as flipping but is a better idea than that
  • Discover a strategy he took to get the tools, knowledge, and expertise to become a smart real estate investor
  • Find out another investment strategy that is simplified, easier to manage and maintain but earns good profits just the same





Topics Covered:


00:59 - How he got interested in real estate

01:55 - Which property deals did he start out with

02:26 - His idea of flipping at the time he started

03:55 - From realtor to investor

05:11 - What appealed to him about this investment portfolio

05:53 - Added more facilities to the portfolio

06:12 - The market he is focusing on now

06:36 - Market fundamentals in the area that make it an excellent place to invest in

07:22 - No big swings for him just something steady

08:17 - Big benefits for investing in storage facilities

09:19 - Why choose storage facilities over apartments

10:44 - How are storage facilities recession-resistant

11:34 - Comparing the amount of rent per square footage of storage facility versus the rent for the whole apartment

11:58 - Lower overhead costs

12:55 - What's his main advantage over other investors


Key Takeaways:


"My idea was to get into an office [brokerage] where there were experts all around me, and so anything I wanted to learn or have questions about, I could just literally godown the hall, I could just go talk to an expert in the region. I got to learn there, the market very well." - Marc Bushee


"One of the big appealing factors for us about storage facilities is that they're easier to manage, they're easier to maintain. And they're just, it's just more simplified." - Marc Bushee


"From a property management standpoint, [storage facilities] it just simplifies everything, having one central location. I've kind of transferred over most of my property management to other people. It's not always easy to find property managers that want to have 10,15, 20, 30 houses all over town. It's so much easier to have just one site like that." - Marc Bushee


"I can't see where you can go wrong with it [real estate]. There's so much to it as far as like the income itself, there's the wealth-building aspect of your asset appreciating. Ideally, someone's paying off your mortgage, and you're leveraging money, leveraging time." - Marc Bushee


"Is it for everyone to be directly involved in it [real estate]? You can be as active and hands-on as you want, or you can be very passive and invest with partners and invest with other people." - Marc Bushee


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