Discover which strategies for finding good deals work best right now, find out about the investment strategy that gives Mike a steady cash flow, and learn about Mike’s book which helped him built his real estate business to the tune of over a million dollars in just one year.



Mike Simmons is a real estate investor, podcaster, and speaker who shared the stage with Gary Vaynerchuk at his Agent 2021 Conference in Miami Gardens, Florida, in 2018. He is the producer and host of a popular podcast called ‘’Just Start Real Estate’’ and a partner in ‘’7Figure Flipping’’– one of the nation’s largest real estate mastermind groups.

In this episode, Mike shares about what one investing strategy he focuses on long-term wise and for consistent cash flow. He talks about marketing strategies to find motivated sellers that are worth your time and money. Get an idea of why Facebook ads don’t do as well as Google AdWords. He talks about his book, which encapsulates his successful journey in real estate and about mindset to scale up your business to greater heights. 

Topics Covered: 

01:30 – What investment strategy does he focus on 

04:06 – His schemes for finding good deals that are working right now 

06:56 – To whom are they voice blasting 

08:05 – What is Google Adwords – how does it work 

10:21 – How the process looks like after people click on the Google ad 

11:41 – What he says about Facebook ads 

14:03 – His book “Level Jumping” covers primarily what took him to build his business to over a million dollars in just one year 

15:51 – How to make people stick with your company 

17:07 – What’s with partnerships, masterminds, and mentorship  

Key Takeaways: 

“I do a lot of wholesaling. I find deals for other investors, and I also have a portfolio of my own. It’s kind of a slow drip with my portfolio. It’s a long term thing. And then wholesaling sort of helps me kick up that cash on a consistent basis.” – Mike Simmons 

“Traditionally, direct mail has been the bread and butter for us. But more recently, in the last year, and then specifically the last handful of months, Google AdWords has been the thing for finding good deals.” – Mike Simmons 

“So, one thing we’ve done to try to capitalize on this stay at home movement where people are kind of quarantined is, we’re doing more text, text, blast, marketing, and ringless voicemail.” – Mike Simmons 

“Bringing in a team because no matter how great you may be at what you do in your business if you’re a one-man-band or a one-woman-band, there is a ceiling on what you can accomplish as a single person in your company.” – Mike Simmons 

“Let’s be intentional. And let’s bring people who are good at what they do. Let’s bring people who have the same values as you and your company have. And then let’s create that culture of where they want to stay.” – Mike Simmons 

“I also talked a little bit about partnerships. A lot of people think I need to partner with someone and they could take half the load. It’s like a marriage though, you have to be careful before you go into a partnership. There’s a lot at stake.” – Mike Simmons 

“I’m a huge fan of surrounding yourself with the right people being in masterminds of groups of people who are beyond where you are. Some of them are right where you are, maybe some of you are a little behind where you are, but you’re all kind of rowing in that same direction and encouraging people.” – Mike Simmons

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