Gabe Petersen is the host of the internationally ranked real estate podcast, The Real Estate Investing Club, and mobile home and RV park investor based out of Seattle, WA. 

In this episode, Gabe lists down the many positive reasons why he prefers mobile homes and RV parks over any other asset classes. Aside from the ROI it provides, you get less of a headache in the maintenance and repairs aspect. The homeowners take care of that. You only have to provide them access to a safe environment, clean water, sewer, and electricity.  

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What you’ll learn in just 17 minutes from today’s episode:

  • Find out an investment strategy that has a high demand market for the asset you provide them  
  • Find out why this asset class is a great investment in terms of ROI and time value 
  • Discover the secret sauce to get into these hard-to-find deals  

Topics Covered: 

01:10 – Advantages of mobile home and RV parks over other asset class 

03:55 – A lot more respect, loyalty, and a sense of ownership for buyers 

05:33 – Talking about the negative stereotype associated with mobile home parks 

07:21 – What his first deal looks like 

09:10 – How long ago was his first venture in the mobile home parks 

09:48 – The value add done on the mobile home property he bought 

12:48 – Ongoing projects on his plate right now 

14:06 – More properties he is in the process of closing 

15:14 – Resources you can get information and resources about for education and knowledge if you are interested in mobile home and RV parks 

17:01 – Ways to find mobile home and RV parks deals 

Key Takeaways: 

“Society, our culture right now, we need affordable housing, especially in Washington State, there’s just not enough affordable housing. There is not enough supply for the demand that is out there for that affordable housing at the level that we’re providing it.” – Gabe Peterson 

“From the investor’s perspective, in terms of ROI and time value, headache — it is a great investment.” – Gabe Peterson 

“When you’re talking about how much effort that you have to do to maintain that and to manage it, it’s much less than a stick-built structure. That’s why I like mobile home parks and RV parks, particularly mobile homes. – Gabe Peterson 

“When they’re in a mobile home park and they own their unit, they have a little bit more respect for that is their house. They treat it accordingly, they keep it up. They have a little bit more ownership and there’s just more loyalty to the park and the structure than if it were an actual single-family or multifamily property.” – Gabe Peterson 

“In terms of how to find deals, you could join our wholesaler’s list, we mark it nationally, anything that doesn’t quite fit our criteria we assigned to somebody else, they can check that out, go to the website, real estate investing club, scroll all the way down to the bottom, it’ll say invest with us. That’s one of the ways to get on our list.”– Gabe Peterson 

“If you want to do it yourself, there are basically five things we do to generate leads. The first one is digital marketing, Google ads, Facebook ads, we run that to a website, The second one is direct mail to people. The third one is ringless voicemail. And then the fourth one is text blasting. And then cold calling is the last one.” – Gabe Peterson 

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