Do you want to build instant credibility and showcase your authority?

Are you looking for another great way to connect with amazing potential investors?

Are you curious about shortcuts on how to meet high-level personalities?

Join me in the Free Flow Friday on the Property Profits Podcast and let’s talk about launching your podcast show.

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What you’ll learn from today’s episode:

  • Discover the main benefits of podcasting and how it can create instant credibility for you and your business
  • Find out a fantastic way to promote yourself or your business and showcase your authority
  • Find out how to leverage your podcast in meeting other potential joint venture partners


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Topics Covered:

  • 00:29 - Why not start your own podcast and not just get interviewed on someone else’s podcast
  • 01:31 - Main benefits of having your  own podcast
  • 02:07 - Why your podcast doesn’t have to belong
  • 03:06 - Another huge benefit of having your podcast
  • 05:54 - What are the tips for having a guest
  • 06:42 - Podcast show style you can have
  • 07:36 - How having your own podcast lets you meet high-level people as guests
  • 09:11 - Number of times in a month you can have your podcast show
  • 09:57 - Batching interviews for podcast release
  • 09:45 - Dave’s suggestion when launching your Podcast
  • 10-47 - How to leverage your Podcast

Key Takeaways:

“One of the main benefits, from my standpoint, was it is a great way to create good, solid content for my list on a regular basis. And the best part is, I don't need to create it, I get smart people on my podcast talking about what they do. And they create the content for me.” - Dave Dubeau

“It's another great way to connect with amazing JV partners. I don't just mean JV partners in the sense of other investors, although you'll probably find those there that you're interviewing, but also cross-promotional partners, people that you can work with.” - Dave Dubeau

“There are lots of people that have podcasts that are seen as an authority. This just naturally throws you in the same boat. It's kind of like having a book as an author, you're automatically assumed to be an authority if you're an author, the same thing if you run your own podcast.” - Dave Dubeau

Here's another cool thing, a shortcut to you. Meeting high-level people, even with a small podcast, you can get some ‘celebrity guests. It's not that tough to get somebody like Grant Cardone, like Robert Kiyosaki, like these kinds of people onto your podcast, even if you don't have a huge list.”  - Dave Dubeau

“This is a great way for you to open the door with people that are kind of hard to reach. You could interview people that might not pay attention to you, otherwise, they will, if you've got a podcast.” - Dave Dubeau 

“I interview you, you interview me. We both benefit. So this is another one of the reasons it's been so easy for us to get interviewed on so many different podcasts because almost all podcasts hosts would also love to be interviewed well.” - Dave Dubeau


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