Do you want to know the burning questions prospects ask during investor presentations, so you get prepared how to answer them yourself? 

Or do you have pressing issues yourself concerning investor prospects you want to deal with but don’t know how? 

Or else, do you want to know how to get your investor prospects to get seriously committed with you? 

Join me in this Free Flow Friday episode on the Property Profits Real Estate podcast, and let me help you answer all those pressing questions you want to get off your mind.  

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What you'll learn from today's episode: 

  • Discover tricks to get the prospects to agree with what you say as you go along with the presentation 
  • Find out how to answer the nagging questions prospects throw at you during the presentation 
  • Learn how to deal with investor prospects having to sign letter of interest and get them committed to you 


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Topics Covered: 

01:14 – The overview and the upfront agreement — how it makes a huge difference in success rates with prospects 

01:42 – Demonstrating how to plant seeds in the mind of prospects  

02:38 – What’s this trick about nodding your head 

05:49 – What’s the number one answer we’re looking for from a prospective investor at the end of your presentation? 

06:31 – Showing how to get the other person to commit to giving you a yes or no answer at the end of the presentation 

07:59 – What it means to sign on an expression of interest or a letter of intent 

13:53 – Why is it still a good idea to have both decision-makers present during the presentation rather than just have a recorded version for any one of them 

15:53 – Why do they have to sign the letter of intent when there is no obligation in the first place 

18:41 – When to do the pre-screening 

18:50 – What if they do not have the time to listen to a 40-minute presentation 

19:40 – What to do when they do not sign a letter of intent but suggests they decide when the deals are already there 

20:41 – Do you fly for a meeting for somebody out in another place 

22:04 – What is the biggest thing you’re afraid of in an investor meeting 

24:04 – How to deal when someone wants to meet up but says their money is tied up with RSPs 

25:19 – Is there a better word to say other than having them for a second mortgage 

29:34 – If you’re so confident in your product and what you can do, can you guarantee completely all the money that they’re putting in 

30:29 – What if somebody asks, you have great successes every time, do you have skin in the game in every deal 

30:57 – For other people who are on the call, do you see any harm in making sure that you do have a $1,000, $2,000, $10,000 in each deal, if possible, so that the sales are that much easier 

Key Takeaways: 

This is something this whole overview and upfront agreement; hardly anybody does this. But it can make a huge, huge difference with your success rate with your prospective investors because it takes the pressure off.” – Dave Dubeau 

“Even if it’s a ‘No’, that doesn’t mean it’s a ‘No’ forever. It just means it’s ‘No’ right now.” – Dave Dubeau 

“It’s always better to have both decision-makers there live because the second person might have some questions that the first person didn’t have, and didn’t get covered.” – Dave Dubeau 

“An expression of interest. And that’s all it is. It’s you showing me that you guys are seriously interested in doing a deal when I have one available. And this is what we do; you get first dibs on the deals that I have available. The way that I know you’re serious about that is with this simple little document.” – Dave Dubeau 

“For somebody to be a serious investor with me, they have to sign at least an expression of interest showing me that they are interested. Because otherwise, a verbal agreement is just worth the paper, it’s written on nothing.” – Dave Dubeau 

“Let’s say you’re meeting with a CPA, and they ask you some accountant questions. I would say, you know what, that’s a really good question. I don’t know the answer to that. But if that’s important to you, I will find out what the answer is. And I’ll get back to you within the week. Don’t bullshit. Just be upfront.” – Dave Dubeau 

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