How do you get things set up with your investor presentation meetings? 

How do you make sure everything’s taken care of and goes as planned? 

What are those you never do in the first place, and what should you consider when meeting the prospective investors and decision-makers? 

Let’s get tuned in as I share with you in this Free Flow Friday episode on the Real Estate Property Profits podcast everything you need to know about powerful investor presentations. 

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What you’ll learn from today’s episode:

  • Find out why you should never be explaining your real estate deal over the phone 
  • Find out the actual demonstration of what you should do before and during the presentation, so you jump right into the main goal and not waste anyone’s time 
  • Learn how to keep your confidence going and level the playing field with your prospects 


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Topics Covered: 

00:16 – Starting things right with your investor meetings 

01:01 – Doing your warm-up campaign 

01:38 – What to do when setting up for presentations 

03:41 – Why avoid explaining stuff on the phone at all cost 

04:22 – Demonstration for an actual presentation set up 

07:44 – Why not just meet with one but all decision-makers 

10:59 – How to pre-qualify a prospect over the phone before the meetup 

11:47 – Important reason to take the order ahead of the scheduled meetup time 

13:35 – How things should happen during the meetup 

16:13 – How to get that confidence going and leveling the playing field 

Key Takeaways: 

“Start with creating a list of your prospective investors having at least their name and the email addresses, we’re looking at 150 to 200 of them, and you’ve done your warm-up campaign.” – Dave Dubeau 

“Let’s say somebody reaches out to you. And they’ve seen your marketing for a while; they’ve seen some of your stuff already. And we finally pique their curiosity, and they want to find out more information. Now the temptation is going to be to try to explain stuff over the phone. I’m going to suggest we avoid that at all costs. The only purpose of this phone call is to set up a time for you to have a meeting with a person.” – Dave Dubeau 

“Here’s the danger. If I show up last minute, and everyone’s there, we’re all in line, waiting to get our coffees. The verbal arm-wrestling thing to see who’s going to buy the coffee. Plus, the longer we’re waiting in line, the more time I have to take my big fat foot and stick it in my big fat mouth.” – Dave Dubeau 

“If you already have a lot of sales or presentation experience, take what works, leave what doesn‘t, you know, just pick nuggets from this. But if you haven’t done very much of this, and I highly recommend you try it this way a few times, just to see how it feels for you.” – Dave Dubeau 

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