Have you thought of guesting or appearing in other people's podcast shows? 

Do you know what it takes to get booked on podcast shows?

How can being interviewed in another's podcast boost your credibility and people's awareness of your expertise? 

Are you well equipped to appear on someone else's podcast and leverage your appearance and guesting to grow your business?

Join me on this Free Flow Friday on the Property Profits Podcast, and I will show you how you can get three bangs for your buck from guesting in other people's podcasts.

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What you’ll learn from today’s episode:

  • Learn about the benefits of being interviewed in other people's podcast
  • Find out the most essential tips on getting booked with other podcasts
  • Hear about one killer technique in finding appropriate podcasts you want to be booked on


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Topics Covered:

  • 01:05 - Dave guesting in different podcasts this year and talking about the benefits of being interviewed
  • 05:42 - What is 'securities compliant outside marketing'
  • 07:59 - One big tip on getting booked on a podcast
  • 10:46 - What you can do when you're going after non-real estate focused podcasts
  • 11:36 - Something you should be creating that is compelling
  • 13:12 - Important things to note when using podcasts to raise capital
  • 14:42 - What's in Dave's one-sheet
  • 16:02 - One thing you should have for people to opt-in
  • 16:44 - Finding the appropriate podcast you want booked on
  • 19:57 - Wow your podcast show host after the interview with this action
  • 20:35 - How often do you want to get booked on podcasts
  • 22:05 - Is it okay if you get interviewed in a small podcast
  • 23:44 - When to let people know about your podcast guesting
  • 24:18 - One one good trick people do after being interviewed in a podcast

Key Takeaways:

"Think about it. If you get interviewed on a podcast, or just look at your own experience if you've listened to somebody being interviewed on a podcast, especially if the interviews are 30, 40, 50 minutes long, do you feel like you kind of know the person at the end of that versus 32nd, blurb on whatever? You got a much longer time to hear the person to kind of get to know them much more on a personal connection. It's great production value for content." - Dave Dubeau

 "When you get interviewed on somebody else's podcast, that's great content for them and their podcast followers. However, they would love for you to promote their podcast to your followers as well. If you send out your podcast to your followers, you're creating content for them. Plus, it's the double whammy that they see you as the expert because you're interviewed by somebody else." - Dave Dubeau

"If you're going to be using podcasting to raise capital, you're not going to go right to the money immediately. Somebody opts-in to your website; you want to make sure that you've got an effective follow-up sequence of emails in place to start that relationship." - Dave Dubeau

"If you are really focused on growing your list, and you want to increase the number of prospective investors on your list, then I would suggest you want to take this more seriously. And you make a concerted effort to get booked at least one or two times a month, consistently, month in month out." - Dave Dubeau

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