Are you still doing that cold-calling, selling, and pitching like what most salesmen do? 

How about having a pleasant grown-up conversation where you’re showing them your deal and allowing them to make an educated decision? 

Let’s learn together in this Free Flow Friday episode how to get people to invest with you without going after them. 

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What you’ll learn from today’s episode:

  • Find out how to get people to invest with you without you going after them 
  • Learn how to get people pre-educated, pre-motivated, predisposed, and pre-qualified so you don’t have to be in constant cold-calling for nothing 
  • Learn how to be in constant communication with your prospects without having to constantly sell and pitch to them 


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Topics Covered: 

00:35 – Attracting and not chasing capital 

02:15 – Don’t be just another salesman trying to sell something 

03:06 – How to get people coming to you with their credit cards on hand  

04:20 – Applying marketing to attract prospects 

Key Takeaways: 

“Doing constant, consistent communication, marketing and getting people to put up their hand and say, ‘Hey, you know what, I‘m interested, tell me more.’ Because when they do that, then you’re not having to sell them, you’re not having to pitch them.’ – Dave Dubeau 

“The big idea I want you to understand is that yes, it is completely possible. You can attract people to you. And the way to do that is through specifically targeting exactly what you want to focus on” – Dave Dubeau 

“Here’s the big idea. Stop, if you’re doing this right now, stop chasing after the money. And let’s start focusing on how to attract investors and their capital.”  – Dave Dubeau 

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