Are you getting stuck somewhere and not able to do more deals for doing things all on your own?

Are you having all these crappy ideas of presenting your deals that people back out before you even begin to explain?

Are those fear of rejection and what people might say about you stopping everything from getting prospective investors onboard?

How about joining me in this Free Flow Friday on the Property Profits Podcast? I'll show you how you can do away with the fear of rejection, find an effective way of presenting deals without being slick at it, and have investors onboard and still earn more than what you can have doing it all on your own. 

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What you’ll learn from today’s episode:

  • Find out effective ways of presenting your deals without being crappy, salesy, and manipulative
  • Learn how to get onboard investor partners, so you get more profits even if you divide it among the many of you
  • Discover the whole idea of marketing and attracting capital investors, so you overcome the fear of rejection


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Topics Covered:

01:36 - Talking about the 'Lone Ranger Syndrome' issue that's holding you back
03:00 - The second issue that is stopping you from getting into real estate deals
03:41 - What's the first issue that's holding back most people
04:35 - How do these issues affect your real estate investing business
05:32 - What it will cost you when you don't overcome these issues
07:04 - Why you are leaving money on the table when you go by your lonesome
08:59 - The real magic to real estate 
10:38 - What happens when you dial into getting as many investor partners as you can
11:48 - Crappy ideas in overcoming issue number two
14:12 - Why is it a bad idea to explain your deals over the phone
15:03 - Getting rid of the 'Amway presentation' idea
18:08 - Some more terrible ideas of closing deals which you should avoid
18:27 - What can happen if you employ sleazy sales tactics 
19:19 - Why you need to develop a long-term relationship with your investor partners
20:45 - What you can do to have an effective deals presentation
23:18 - How much is a deal worth to you
23:53 - Where all this fear of rejection come from 
27:03 - What the whole idea of marketing and attracting investors can do for you

Key Takeaways:

"If you have to manipulate somebody to invest with you, if you have to make any of those sleazy sales closing techniques on them to get them to invest their 75 or 150 grand with you, it's setting things up for disaster for you and them further down the line." - Dave Dubeau

"We want to be working with our investment partners long term. This isn't a quick ‘wham, bam, thank you ma'am kind of thing. We also want to encourage them to refer us to their friends and their family. So, we don't want to piss people off, pressure them, manipulate them, trick them into investing with us." - Dave Dubeau

"What you want to do is you want to be the best version of you; you want to be natural. You want to be relaxed; you want to be confident with the way you present your investment opportunity." - Dave Dubeau

"When you do what I call a friendly grown-up conversation, you're not trying to twist somebody's arm to invest with him. You're showing them what you got. And you're allowing them to make an educated decision, whether it makes sense for them or not." - Dave Dubeau

"How much is your average deal worth to you long term? That's how much one good presentation can be worth. So, you get an investor for that deal. Use the same presentation, get another investor on for another deal. That PowerPoint slideshow presentation is priceless for you." - Dave Dubeau

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