Find out that one investment strategy Mr. Tycoon implemented that gets him the cash, discover Mr. Tycoon’s proven ways of attracting leads and creating leads, and learn about Mr. Tycoon’s negotiating style that surely rakes in the best deals for him.



Internationally-Renowned Motivational Speaker, Personal Development Coach, Investment Real Estate Guru, and Entrepreneur of Success, Mr. Tycoon is known for his “Tough but Fair” Deal-making and negotiation skills. His bestselling book, “Success is Not a Secret, it’s System,” extracts the lessons he learned on the road to building his successful Real Estate Investment Company.

In this episode, learn from Mr. Tycoon as he shares with us the influencing power of negotiations in order to win over the sellers and get the best deals. 

Topics Covered: 

00:46 – A backstory on how he started years ago in real estate 

05:22 – What is a transactional engineer 

08:11 – What marketing techniques used in the old days that are still working these days 

12:51 – How does his negotiation style look like 

Key Takeaways: 

“You got to understand it’s marketing first. You can learn all these techniques, but if you don’t have any marketing and no leads coming in, you don’t know if you’ve got a deal or a dud. That’s so important in understanding the marketing value of this business because nothing gets started without a lead.” – Mr. Tycoon

“My favorite is wholesaling and one of the reasons I love wholesaling is because that’s what gets you the cash.” – Mr. Tycoon

“Get educated with somebody who’s doing the business, not who has done the business because times have changed, technology has changed, but the foundational principles haven’t changed.” – Mr. Tycoon

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