What you’ll learn in just 17 minutes from today’s episode:

  • Find out how a shift to real estate from being a financial planner made a night and day difference in Kyle’s income 
  • Learn why real estate is way more secure than any other investment vehicles Kyle has worked with and advised his clients about in the past 
  • Discover the impressive tactic of doing the BRRRR strategy with big buildings.



Kyle Ford has been investing in real estate for 7years. He was a former financial advisor turned mortgage broker. He’s done everything from pre-construction, single-family rentals, multi-family, flips, vacation rentals. His focus now is on big building BRRRs and private lending.

In this episode, Kyle shares what made him shift to real estate from being a financial planner. He also shares how he was able to get entrenched tenants to move out of the property in just a few months so he could move forward with renovating his building (without having to be sneaky or unethical). 

Topics Covered:

01:21 – Why did he switch from being a financial planner to a real estate investor 

04:26 – Taking a look at his paradigm shift 

05:15 – Real estate versus any other type of investment vehicles 

07:06 – Does he bring on investors with self-directed RRSPs 

09:07 – His clients are more interested in real estate investing than in financial planning 

10:44 – Mistakes people are committing in real estate 

12:20 – Be more concerned about security than a high rate of return 

13:23 – Don’t make a guarantee when raising capital 

15:19 – Taking a closer look at BRRRR strategy with big buildings  

17:53 – Treating tenants with dignity is the best way for the eviction 

Key Takeaways:  

“I started investing in real estate, and the returns on that side versus in the markets were night and day for me.” – Kyle Ford 

“One of the things that became evidently apparent to me was, you cannot get rich, given somebody else your money to manage.” – Kyle Ford 

“I don’t know anybody who becomes independently wealthy off mutual funds, but I know several people who have in real estate.” – Kyle Ford 

“At the end of the day, there’s always a risk of something happening. But I certainly am much more confident with the control that I could provide partners and lenders in the real estate world as opposed to the traditional financial model.”  – Kyle Ford 

I wasn’t making any money as a financial advisor because nobody wanted that help. They wanted help with real estate. And the mortgage broker was a great way to monetize that.” – Kyle Ford 

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