Find out a short-term strategy that brings in cash flow, learn about a long-term strategy that accounts for profits at the same time builds your net worth over time, and what tactics to employ when finding deals to stay strong for any eventuality during and post coronavirus.



Jose Jafferji is a full-time Real Estate Investor and Business Owner who has been actively involved in the industry for over a decade. His approach to the business is diverse with a large buy and hold portfolio, an in-house property management division, a wholesale/flipping arm, and now just recently a land acquisition and development stream to his operation. 

In this episode, Jose will share why he chooses to diversify his business operations and how focusing on income and wealth creation simultaneously has been his key to success. 

Topics Covered: 

01:03 – How is coronavirus quarantine affecting him real estate wise 

01:37 – What he focuses on as his investment strategy 

02:50 – Action plan for his flipping investment in this time of coronavirus 

03:47 – How much buffer is he preparing for post COVID 

05:00 – A backtrack to his journey in real estate 

08:03 – His biggest strength as a real estate investor 

09:24 – How does he finance his deals 

11:42 – Where to find investors to raise capital when you are just starting 

12:41 – What to offer for security or collateral to investors 

13:59 – Projects in the pipeline 

Key Takeaways: 

“I have a multi-faceted approach to real estate investing taking into account income, as well as wealth building.” – Jose Jafferji 

“We just have to be extra vigilant and take into account a little bit of buffer when dealing with flipping business in this time of COVID.” – Jose Jafferji 

“In terms of income, my primary strategy is flipping properties, and we also do some wholesaling as well.” – Jose Jafferji 

“In terms of long-term wealth strategy, we always use the BRRRR strategy and we’ve done that with single-family homes to multi-family apartment buildings.” – Jose Jafferji 

“When it comes to finding investors and raising capital, the best way is to start off with friends and family, it’s the safest way.” – Jose Jafferji 

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