Tyler Chesser is an experienced multifamily real estate investor, in an active and passive capacity, and has witnessed firsthand the successes and failures of building a real estate portfolio. Tyler is the Founder of The Chesser Companies where he works with leaders, entrepreneurs and real estate investor clients as a peak performance coach and world class consultant; he’s a high performance coach, additionally providing group coaching services through Elevate High Performance Coaching Academy, he’s also the Co-Founder of CF Capital, a real estate private equity firm, which focuses on acquiring and repositioning multifamily assets in the Southeast United States and provides institutional- quality services to its residents and outsized returns to its investment partners. 

Additionally, Tyler hosts the popular top 200 global business podcast, Elevate, where he sits down with top real estate entrepreneurs and other recognized performers in their respective fields who have created or are creating an “uncommon” life. 

In this episode, Tyler shares how he was able to scale his passion and expertise not just in real estate but in a lot more opportunities that got him to grow more, have the lifestyle he wants, and create more impact in the world. He was never without struggles and roadblocks; that’s why it’s interesting to know how he was able to turn around the limiting beliefs that got in the way of fully believing in his capacity to grow his real estate business. 

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What you’ll learn in just 17 minutes from today’s episode:

  • Discover what action steps Tyler had to go through for his transformation from an employee to an entrepreneur mindset 
  • Find out how having a coach and investing in yourself takes you off to greater heights and scale up your real estate business 
  • Find out the five real estate core foundational freedom that will ultimately elevate your real estate game


Topics Covered: 

01:07 – Investment asset class Tyler focuses on and how long he has been into real estate 

02:17 – His life before real estate 

03:20 – Why he left the corporate world and what made him decide to enter the real estate  

05:38 – From an agent to a commercial real estate broker 

07:23 – His transformation from an employee to being an entrepreneur 

11:20 – Why he hired a coach and how he scaled up his business 

13:41 – Identifying roadblocks and overcoming limiting beliefs, and opening doors for significant opportunities 

16:43 – Talking about the ‘Elevate Your Real Estate Game’ Masterclass – the essential topics to look forward to and why you should join this 

Key Takeaways: 

“I found multifamily to be the perfect asset class, not only for where I wanted to grow through and the risk-reward balance and all of the different sorts of occupying risks and all the different things that we love about multifamily. I’ve found it to be the perfect asset class.” – Tyler Chesser 

“My eye-opening situation was I realized the way that people view the world obviously transforms the way you interact with your world.” – Tyler Chesser 

“I was developing then a system through real estate, which could serve me to a greater capacity, but it all started with my belief that it would be possible, and the understanding that you don’t have to just think in this middle-class capacity, because there are so many people out there that have never really realized that real estate can give you so many more options.” – Tyler Chesser 

“There’s so much more available to me if I permit myself to do so. And so not only through real estate, not only through real estate investing but also through podcasting, through coaching, through mentoring through being a keynote speaker across the country and really internationally as well.” – Tyler Chesser 

“Real estate is a vehicle towards creating outcomes that you want in your life.” – Tyler Chesser 

“We invest in real estate for a reason, for lifestyle, for impact, for legacy. Those are really some of the core items. But the thing that I have come to love about our approach to real estate and really elevates your real estate game, what we’re talking about here is that real estate can create five core freedoms.” – Tyler Chesser 

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